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Currently works as a Creative Director @ SapientNitro Moscow

Since 1999 i work in digital advertising sphere as artdirector, communication strategist, creative director, digital director in small local agencies and in international communications group. And i have expiriense to help you plan and develop team, resources and measures for an effective digital campaign relevant to business goals.

Today the communications and marketing objectives are constantly changing, digital advertising is gaining more weight within the general communications split and there is an ever increasing number of unique and challenging tasks emerging across the areas of digital and traditional advertising.

Key competitions


Digital marketing is a very dynamic sector of advertising, therefore once a project is completed — it becomes history, while every new project reflects a step towards the future. This is why I prefer to think that I haven't done my best project as of yet and that it still lies ahead.

With SmartNewSolutions in 2011

With SmartNewSolutions in 2010


KIAF'12 (bronze & shortlist); IDEA'12 (shortlist); ADCR'12 (silver) Davey Award'11 (gold), W³ (gold); KIAF'11 (silver); PIAF'11 (shortlist); Red Apple MIXX (shortlist); WhiteSquare (shortlist); ADCR'08 (shortlist); IDEA'08 (shortlist); XVII MIAF (shortlist); XV MIAF(shortlist); GoldenSite'06 (gold & bronze)

Location Moscow, Russia